For the highest demands - The Midas XL8 audio system

One thing, above all, always gets everyone excited when Midas' digital mixing desk systems XL8 &PRO6 are being used: the sound. Especially for high-class concerts involving a large number of acoustic instruments, as often encountered in the fields of classical and jazz music, the supreme sound quality stands out. Apart from loving the Midas Preamps and the great-to-handle EQ, we're also big fans of the dynamic tools of these desks. That's how a compressor should sound.

Other brilliant features include:
- a fully integrated security concept with consistent redundance
- the possibility of implementing audio systems of varying complexity
- an decentralised distribution option for input and output modules
- Midas XL8 and PRO6 can be used working together within one system
- DL431 Splitter offer three fully functional separate analogue preamps

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