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Everyone said: "No way!" Then somebody came along who did not know this, but did it anyway...

Our patented “Turtle“

Unusual projects require unusual solutions. In 2009, when working on the production “Saisho Goma”, we were faced with the challenge of creating a special microphone setup for an altar an altar using high-quality boundary microphones with acoustic decoupling from the ground. When searching for such a product, we soon realised that no solution available on the market would meet the customer's requirement to everyone's satisfaction.

For this reason, we developed our “turtle” - an inconspicuous looking and highly stable and very effective holder system for Schoeps microphones in which the microphone is kept just millimetres above the ground by way of a suspended fixture. That way, positive boundary effects can be used with directional microphones. After being impressed by the results during the production, we have patented the “turtle” and developed it for use with other condenser microphones.

Just let us know and we gladly submit you an offer for the Maier Sound "turtle". If you like to read further progress reports, just visit the following links:

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